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About Project: F.A.N.S.

Steven F. Hotze M.D.

Advisory Council

  • Erika Schwartz, MD, Senior Council Member
  • Richard L. Shames, MD,  Council Member
  • Karilee H. Shames Ph.D., RN, Council Member
  • Mary Shomon, Council Member
  • David Sheridan, MD, Council Member

Project FANS is dedicated to protecting each person’s right to choose natural solutions for their health problems. FANS stands for Freedom of Access to Natural Solutions.

Project FANS supports the right of patients, physicians and pharmacists to choose the type of medical care and treatment which they want to receive or offer.  This can best be provided by the free enterprise system without interference from government or other third parties.

Your right to use bio-identical hormones and other medications prepared by compounding pharmacies or allergy desensitization treatment prepared by your physician is under attack again. You need to contact your U.S. Senator and Congressman today to ensure that you keep your freedom to choose natural, bio-identical hormones and other medications prescribed by your physician and prepared by your pharmacist or to choose allergy desensitization therapy prepared by your allergist.

Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), with the support of Senators Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) and Richards Burr (R- North Carolina), has drafted legislation which, if adopted, would jeopardize your right, and that of your physician and your pharmacist, to use bio-identical hormones, allergy desensitization and other medications. Instead, the bureaucrats at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would determine which pharmaceutical company drug is best for you.

Senator Kennedy is the chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension (H.E.L.P.) Committee. This bill is scheduled to be taken up at any time.

Use the link on the Project FANS menu to contact your U.S. Senators and Congressman by e-mail, phone and fax today. See a Sample e-mail or fax at bottom of the page.

Ask your senators and congressmen to protect your right to choose bio-identical hormones and other compounded medications, as well as allergy desensitization treatment, by defeating Senator Kennedy’s misguided bill on compounding pharmacy.

The FDA currently has no jurisdiction over state licensed and regulated pharmacies or physicians but Kennedy’s bill would dramatically change this situation. Kennedy’s bill would give the FDA the authority to tell your physician what, if any, compounded medications or allergy desensitization he could prescribe and to dictate to your pharmacist what type of compounded medications he could prepare. If you are taking bio-identical hormones or other medications prepared by a compounding pharmacy, or allergy desensitization prepared by your physician, then you need to know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to deny you the right to have these medications and treatments. Wyeth, the maker of Premarin and Prempro, has been pressuring the FDA to ban compounded pharmacies from preparing bio-identical hormones which compete against its counterfeit hormones.

Kennedy’s legislation is entitled the Safe Drug Compounding Act of 2007. It should be entitled the Elimination of Drug Compounding Act because that is what the drug companies and the FDA want to do. Always be on your guard when someone says, “I’m with the government and I’m here to help you.” What this usually means is that your rights will be denied and your taxes will be increased. So it is with this bill.


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Steven F. Hotze M.D., is the president of PROJECT: F.A.N.S. and the founder of the Hotze Health & Wellness Center in Houston, TX. Since 1989 he has focused his practice on helping women and men obtain and maintain heath and wellness naturally.